Path to health with Jasmina.

Join us in BALI for a magical retreat centered around raw food, healing, community and transformation.

When is the Path to health with Jasmine?

February, 2020.

My VeganChefs have organized a retreat for you.

 Whether you want to:

Recharge your batteries.

Cleanse your body and mind.

Refresh your youthful glow.

Breathe in the cleanest air.

Take your soul on an unforgettable adventure.

Alkalize while observing miraculous nature.

Revitalize, swimming in the crystal clear waters.

Nourish your body with the most delicious and organic meals.

Learn how to save yourself with a healthy raw food diet.

.There is no place on earth like Indonesia, to satisfy all your senses and dreams.

Dzani worked in hotel industry over 11 years, and found it neccesary for a project like this to come to life, since there are so few vegan/plant based options for guests in hotels/restaurants. Dzani is a co-author of several books about vegan food and life according to nature, that he wrote with his wife. He is an excellent carpenter and enjoys making wooden toys for his daughter. Vegan chef since 2015. He held          several workshops and educations(group and individual) about transitioning to plant-based diet.

Jasmina started a blog about raw food ( in 2015 and wrote six books since then about plant based diet, self healing and natural lifestyle. She is a raw food chef, nutritionist, holistic doctor, former proffesional tennis player and birth doula. Her life mission is to help people transform themselves and be of service to human kind.

Together they have held more than 100 workshops world wide and educations for people wanting to transform their lives and diet.


If you have been following us for sometime, then you have probably tried our recipes. Whether you prepared them yourself or were our workshops, you know what kind of blissful flavors they present.

Now you have the opportunity to indulge in all of these specialties for 10 days without feeling guilty. You can not only enjoy that, but also enjoy tropical foods and fruits that maybe do not exist in your country.

While your consciousness is cleansed and your process of ascension begins, your sense of taste will sing with joy. We will practice conscious eating and how to enjoy the experience of your journey to health as efficiently and effectively as possible. I say experience because I will guide you on this journey, give you instructions on how to eat your medicine, and your ally, for any condition that you have, physical or psychological. As well, I will teach you and give you all the tools you need to recreate this food for yourself and your family. This trip will satisfy all your senses: look, smell, touch, taste and sound.

Every morning we will start with breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises, fresh coconut water and the most delightful tropical fruit.

We will then talk in a circle and connect with each other at all levels, visit temples and participate in local events, hang out with monkeys and walk barefoot on endless rice fields. You will certainly benefit greatly from the hours spent working on nutrition, natural living, mental hygiene and natural parenting.

This retreat is only for a limited number of people (reserve your spot on time), because I want this to be an intimate experience. This way I can dedicate myself to you individually and to you all as a group. We will have plenty of fun activities along with deep conversations about life.

Come with us on a ones-in-a-lifetime journey, and experience complete transformation.

Children are welcome. 

Package includes:

  • 10 nights in luxury apartments.

  • Raw and (or) thermally processed herbal meals (breakfast and dinner).

  • Training for switching to raw plant nutrition.

  • 1 traditional Indonesian massage.

  • Coconut water.

  • Carefully sellected excursions.

  • Free WIFI.

  • Our book of recipes

Package does not include:

  • Transportation to Bali *


                                               Price for an 11-day arrangement including all of the above:

                                                            from 980EUR / per person