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Detox in nature

We offer you to spend unforgettable moments in our pristine natural oasis. Whether you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle, or you want to cleanse your body and spirit, our program is the right place for you.


We open the doors of your home, all of you who are interested to become the best version of yourself.

We offer you the option of mild detox, detox medium and complete detox, all in accordance with your wishes and needs.


All the food and drink that will be served is of plant origin.

Gentle Detox includes 1/3 raw meal, a 2/3 thermally processed meals.

Central detox includes 2/3 raw meal, a third heat-processed meals.

A complete detox includes only raw meals.

In addition to our Retreat  Road to Health  , we provide you with this kind of friendship with us.

Space of Love  is located near (6km) Derventa in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

246 km from  Belgrade

192 km from  Sarajevo

221 km from  Zagreb

Do estates can be reached by highway from Belgrade and Zagreb. Sarajevo main road coming to Banja Luka.

You can get there by bus from most cities in Europe.

Accommodation is recommended to be in a tent, because it is one of the ways of dealing with ourselves and our fears of nature, and the healthiest way of staying in nature, in addition to sleep under the open sky.

However we are aware that not everyone is ready to take that step right at the beginning, so there is the option of sleeping in a closed room in a shared dormitory.

Detox offer

3 days

from 90EUR / person

5 days

from 150EUR / person

7 days

from 210eur / person

3 persons 10% discount

  • Children are welcome accompanied by adults and do not pay for accommodation but only a fraction of the cost of food in the amount of 10 EUR / Day 

The program includes:

  • 7 nights at Space of Love
  • 3 meals per day (raw or heated, depending on the detoxification of the program)
  • morning Smoothie
  • Women with different techniques meditation
  • Free WiFi
  • Detox Program Schools NeKuvanja
  • Cookbook Schools NeKuvanja
  • Education and practical preparation and holding of permaculture gardens
  • Education about medicinal and edible wild plants
  • Education to sustainable living in harmony with nature (natural body care, laundry, house, etc.).
  • Evening around the campfire

The program does not include:

  • Transport to Space of Love