Path to health with Jasmina.

Join us in GREECE for a magical retreat centered around raw food, healing, community, yoga, and transformation.

 When is the Path to health with Jasmine?

 September, 2019.

 My VeganChefs have organized a retreat for you.

 Whether you want to:

Recharge your batteries.

Cleanse your body and mind.

Refresh your youthful glow.

Breathe in the cleanest air.

Take your soul on an unforgettable adventure.

Alkalize while observing the miraculous nature.

Revitalize by swimming in the crystal clear waters.

Nourish your body with the most delicious and organic meals.

Learn how to prepare yourself all healthy raw food.

…. There is no place on earth like Sithonia, to satisfy all your senses and dreams.



Who is Jasmina Bogućanin – Sarvan?

I’m Jasmina Bogućanin-Sarvan, graduate nutritionist, holistic physician, birth doula and founder of the blog School of Raw, and co-founder of My Vegan Chefs.

Published author of six best selling books about raw food, self heeling natural lifestyle and a master at holding raw food workshops. This is a thematic journey designed to give you the best of all that I have to share with you.

Path to health with Jasmina has proved to be a phenomenal project, and I can not wait to share it with you.

Come with me to Sithonia . The whole of Greece is known for its fabulous beaches and thousands of islands. Sithonia is famous for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Behind every corner you can find a cove and beach where it is likely that you will be alone. 

This is one of the main reasons why Sithonia is a popular choice… intimacy. It is ideal for people who want a peaceful vacation without a lot of noise and tourists. Ideal for people who want to be more than a visitor and to feel at home. For people who want to be near the sea and nature. 

Nikiti is one of the most beautiful towns in Halkidiki.The city has both old and new and is the town that cherishes tradition and the acceptance of innovation. 

The accommodation will be at private seafront apartments on the coast. Our hosts have an organic garden with local fruits and vegetables, which will be available for the preparation of our fabulous meals.  

Secluded beach is across the house with sun loungers and parasols. A Kilometer-long stretch of a sandy beach, ideal for walks and watching the sunset. 

The location is in intact nature on the coast, but is close and accessible to everything. It is less than a ten minute drive to the city center with restaurants, cafes, an LIDL store and the old town which preserves the history of the city.


If you have followed me for awhile then you have probably tried my recipes. Whether you have prepared them for yourself or it was on my workshops, you know the blissful flavors they present.

Now you have the opportunity to indulge in all of these specialties for 7 days without feeling guilty, and enjoy them. And not only that, but also to prepare nutritious meals with the best possible locally grown foods.


While your consciousness is cleansed and your process of ascension begins, your sense of taste will sing with joy. We will practice conscious eating and how to enjoy the experience of your journey to health as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I say experience because I will guide you on this journey, give you instructions on how to let the food be your medicine, and your ally, for any condition that you have, physical or psychological. As well, I will teach you and give you all the tools you need to recreate this food for yourself and your family. This trip will satisfy all your senses: look, smell, touch, taste and sound.


Each morning, the day will begin with breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises on the beach, with water enriched with chlorophyll or lemon. 

We will measure our bodies level of alkalinity and prepare your personalized juice or smoothie with medicinal plants, fruit and vegetables, that you will be able to harvest yourself.

We will talk in circles and connect with each other on all levels, create a healing mandala drawing or painting. You will certainly benefit from hours spent listening and learning about nutrition, diet, natural life, mental hygiene and natural parenting.


This retreat is for a limited number of people ( sign up asap ) , because I want this to be an intimate experience. This way I am able to dedicate myself to you individually and also as a group. We will have leisurely activities and will also have deep conversation about life.

You will enjoy the warm, soft sand beneath your feet as you explore the long golden-white beaches. Sithonia, the undiscovered jewel of Greece, with the most beautiful, intimate beaches only a few minutes by car or foot from our house. The location really is what is so beautiful about this retreat. It is less than 2 hours by plane from all major cities in Europe.

Children are welcome. If they sleep with you in your bed, you will not need to pay accommodation for them (be sure to point out).

The package includes:

  • 7 nights at a luxury family run hotel on the coast.
  • Raw meals, breakfast and lunch.
  • 7 days of workshops
  • Free WiFI.
  • A cookbook

The package does not include:

  • Dinner (my wish for you is to enjoy this trip and not go through the symptoms of detoxification of the body so I think it’s best to keep a cooked meal, which we will gladly suggest how to make or you can go to any of the close by restaurants).

  • Beverages (juices and smoothies will be available only during breakfast and lunch).

  • Transportation to and from Greece *


* Transportation: there are low cost airlines that fly to Thessaloniki from all major cities in the world,.

Price 7-day package that includes all of the above:

1/2 apartment 580 EUR *

1/3 apartment 540 EUR *

* Prices are per person


“I’ve been on various trips and destinations, but something like this have I not experienced. I liked the spontaneity of the organizers, flexibility and openness. I did not feel stress, anxiety, compulsion I just  fed my belly and soul. It was not just a soul and stomach feeding, but also my complete being. this is how I felt when goin on Hajj :)! but that’s my highlight of any trip. all praise to the chosen location of the course. this is a special “AH” on everything. this trip I would recommend  to anyone who is willing to receive all this amount of love that hosts have given us during these eight days. ”                              – Amela Kamberović





“One wonderful experience that I would certainly advise. Personally, I already implemented small changes and I will try to keep the healthy habits that in my everyday life. I am particularly impressed with the way hosts transfer (Jasmina and Dzani) their knowledge and experience to us “beginners”. And how they work with a lot of love. Well done! Keep it up. you’re wonderful! Thank you for everything! I hope that we will again meet It was nice to hang out. I can say that this is one of my best experiences in life! ” – Amra Pars







“Thank you Jasmina and Dzany, we enjoyed the sunny days of May, had the best swim on the sandy beach, and most of all, healthy eating tasty and varied! The workshops are phenomenal introduction to the detoxification and a great start in change of diet.” – Predrag Đurić




“Path to Health should continue. Our group was special because of Vesna (psycho therapist) and a chance to have conversations with her , that brought the special light. Your openess and availability to us even outside of workshops, open to talks, encouraging us that we are at the beginning of the road to health, helped all dilemmas resolve immediately. the general impression is that this trip is a great starting point for anyone who embarks on a journey, but also a great stop for people already on the road who would like to become further inspired. Thank you for the knowledge                                and experience you have generously shared with us “ 

                         – Lidija Cvijović